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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I add any other additives to my bath when using Nanobubble Hydrotherapy?
    No, Nanobubble Hydrotherapy replaces all soap and bath additives, you do not want to add any other additives or soap while its in use.
  • Can I use lotions or topical medicines on my skin before or after Nanbubble Hydrotherapy?
    Make sure your skin is clear of occlusives, lotions, humectants and any other topical medicines before using the Portable Nanobubbler. Occlusives, lotions and creams will be removed by Nanobubble Hydrotherapy during the bath. Apply your occlusives, humectants and any lotions after the bath, this is recommend to trap in moisture.
  • How often does the Nanoubbbler need to be cleaned?
    The Portable Nanobubbler has a built in, US Patented ,self cleaning Ozone Unit, that is good for 10,000 hours. This will assist in maintaining the sterilization of the unit. Purging the unit is done every 4-6 weeks to maintain the unit like other Spas and Baths on the market, with an affordable Spa cleaning product.
  • Will the Portable Nanobubbler work in a sink or other baths?
    Yes, the Nanobubbler will work in any bath or sink, even a 2 Gallon bucket.
  • Do you need to replace Oxygen Tanks when using the Portable Nanobubbler?
    No, the Nanobubbler requires no external Oxygen tanks, its compresses atmospheric Oxygen into the water.
  • Do I need to add more hot water when bathing in Nanobubbles?
    No, the Nanobubbler will heat the water independently via imploding Nanobubbles that create heat energy. The Nanobubbler will increase the temperature of the water approximately 1 Degree per hour.
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