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About The White Water Company

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The White Water Company was formed in 2016 due to our personal journey with our daughter's Harlequin Ichthyosis. We have worked with many experts and industry leaders in the nanobubble field. In partnership with the worlds leading industrial manufacturer and founding member of the fine bubble association, we have created the worlds first truly portable Nanobubbler. Designed specifically with the Ichthyosis Community in mind, The White Water Company has helped engineer a device to cope with the rigors of the disorder.

Our Story

Our daughter, Clarity, was born with a rare genetic condition known as Ichthyosis; there is no cure! Clarity, like many others with Ichthyosis, have virtually no normal skin function; she can create 20x-30x the usual amount of skin daily, she cannot sweat and was born with bilateral hearing loss.  The skin that she does create also has no fats, elastin, or collagen. Current treatment options are Aquaphor, Vaseline, Bleach Baths, and Retinoids; all we found unsuitable for our newborn child.

White Water Co Creators of the Nanobubble Hydrotherapy device for ichtheosis and related skin types

Paul, Heather, & Clarity

Our Story

Our Struggle

For the first 10 months of her life, we found it impossible to bathe Clarity, nothing would shed the excess skin or bacteria from her body.  We tried every single bath additive we could find, different kinds of soaps, essential oils, salts, everything! We had no luck, nothing would complete the skin-cycle and relieve her of all this excess skin! This led to many, many, typical complications for Ichthyosis; regularly overheating, skin blocking her ear canals, many Infections as her skin would regularly crack, split, fissure, and bleed from all the excess skin and very limited mobility. All of these are very common for Ichthyosis patients.

Our Struggle

Our Success

Nothing we tried would complete the skin-cycle for Clarity until one day our dermatologist introduced us to his Micro Bubble sink!  He said he had treated five other families with the same technology who had  Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriases, and Ichthyosis. We had to try it!


What did we have to lose? It's just water and tiny bubbles; we gave it a shot. We were lucky enough to be able to bathe Clarity at our dermatologist in the microbubble sink. We tested it for an hour each time, three days a week for approximately three months. 


It was successful! We could tell after the first 20 minutes session. All Clarity's excess skin had shed, leaving her skin smooth. All her open wounds had been cleaned and closed.

Our Success
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