Reviews / Testimonials

"We got the nanobubbler for our daughter who has lamellar ichthyosis. We have had it for about a month and we absolutely LOVE it. It has helped her shed off so much skin and has really reduced her itchiness. We don’t use nearly as much lotion as we were using before, too! I am just shocked at how great this product is. We absolutely love it and we love working with Heather and Paul, they are extremely kind people and always very helpful. I would recommend this product to anyone! Thank you guys so much!"

Morgan and Nick Villano

"I purchased my Nabobubbler from White Water Company a few months ago It’s truly the best investment ever for our son’s Ichthyosis. You won’t believe your eyes till you actually see the difference in person. Recommend 100%. Oh and you have the best folks helping you with anything you need for technical support to skincare recommendations. Truly a great company! "

Muna Mohammed

"Our daughter has Lamellar Ichthyosis and was having horrible itching and discomfort to the point it was effecting her daily life and prohibiting a good nights sleep.
Before the nanobubbler we had many days of crying and pain.
I can gladly say, with our nanobubbler, we have achieved many nights of comfort for our daughter. Something I had feared not possible before.
So thankful to the White Water Company and the Children's Long Term Support Program in Superior Wisconsin for helping put daughter get this medical device."

Raven Hunter Ford

"Paul and Heather are working very hard to help members of the ichthyosis community. They are a walking reference on anything to help alleviate the symptoms, including equipment, therapies and emotional support. I highly recommend them."

Christopher Daniel

Update - " I'm a microbiologist. I have used nano bubbles in the lab to sterilize equipment that couldn't be autoclaved. When I saw the research for ichthyosis, I wanted the portable nanobubbler for my granddaughter. We have had the #nanobubbler since August, 2016. Lenzie has PPK. She was getting MRSA every 6 weeks starting at the age of 2 months. We have not had any MRSA since we started using the nanobubbler on a daily basis. I'm so glad we aren't having to administer strong antibiotics. Lenzie has full range of motion in her fingers and toes. Her skin stays soft and flexible with daily use of the nanobubbler. Her skin exfoliation is easier after bathing routine. We don't use any acid lotions, retinoid creams, or petroleum based products. We use coconut oil and essential oils that keep the inflammation at bay. The nanobubbler also reduces the inflammation considerably; I say this because there have been times Lenzie refused to have any oils applied to her skin after her bath."

Tara Morgan - Microbiologist

"Wow what a exciting and busy couple weeks we have had.. getting used to this amazing life changer of a machine into our daily routines. I have been in a period of shock as we navigate the overwhelming emotions of the prospect of a whole new quality of life for Layla and us as a family. Layla is experiencing and relishing in the feels of carpet on her sleek feet and feeling of smooth skin as she danced around the house in a dress and excitedly telling me she feels like one of 'us' after her first bath. This bath has impacted our lives in so many positive ways for not only relief of painful aspects that inhibited her daily, softens the skin so we can comfortably help to rub the skin that has already shed off so after the bath we can cream the skin that needs to be mositurised and eases the day to day workload around the house 🙌🏼 This is the results of all your kindness and generosity from our dear family, friends and amazing strangers 💖 the support has been again overwhelming. Thank you kind people .. Full hearts of gratitude and appreciation from us ✨💘 Shoutout to the White Water Company - Nanobubble Hydrotherapy and continual passion and drive Heather and Paul give to this company and the love, support and time you have given us. Been so inspiring to meet you and share in this journey with you 🌈"

Anneliese van Lier

"I can not stress enough how amazing this machine is. When my son, who has ppk, got out of his first treatment we all cried. His hands are smooth, no cracks or split ends. They are clean and look normal. It really is amazing.!"

Michelle Kutten Stein

"From D.Smith in UK: CIE/EHK/BCIE
My son Jack has BCIE, also known as EI or EHK – it has changed names a number of
times! Within a few hours of a beautiful home birth, we found ourselves in hospital on the
neonatal intensive care ward. Jack spent 36 hours continually blistering, bursting those
blisters and losing more and more skin. This led to an initial misdiagnosis of EB. Altogether,
that was the most frightening time of our lives.
Following on from there though, we had two problems. Jack still has fragile skin. If there is
too much moisture he will blister up (his blisters can literally become bags of puss even as
large as 3-4 cm across). Secondly, the hyperkeratosis side of things kicked in hard and fast.
We could not use traditional heavy creams like 50/50 or soaks such as hydromol, because
they would block the pores and we would get blistering. So our main problem became
maintaining this delicate balance. We found ourselves scrubbing away at him for 20 minutes
every day, amidst increasing amounts of screaming and thrashing about. All that for very
little benefit – parts of his body were being taken over by thick, brown scale.
Going into a hydrotherapy pool was the only solution that we could see. There was no
adverse blistering effect. After 30 minutes' soaking in the pool, the excess skin seemed to
come off with gentle rubbing. It was a little bit like letting the engine defrost the car for you
rather than scraping
away at the ice.
The National Health Service sadly turned its back to us and despite 18 months' worth of
efforts to get ourselves referred to the hydro pool 10 minutes away, it was not possible.
And then we discovered Micro/Nano Bubbles via Friends of Ichthyosis (USA) and The
White Water Company on FB.. We had previously found testimonials on the internet, but
none of the medical professionals we deal with had heard of it. We liaised directly with the
company for information and ended up buying a Micro/Nano Bubbles unit.
We knew straight away that we were onto a good thing. The effects of 30 minutes in a hydro
pool were happening in Micro/Nano Bubbles within 10 minutes. It is as dramatic as it
We have now been using the Nanobubbles, religiously, to soak Jack three times a week for
an hour at a time for the last seven months. He is a different little boy. He has fun in the
bath, the brown scale has disappeared completely and the hyperkeratosis is being kept in
check. His mobility has increased a hundred fold. The funny smell has gone, because the
bacteria colonies in the folds of the extra skin are controlled. Every three months or so it
comes back for a couple of weeks and the hyperkeratosis has a fair bash at taking him over
again. But it is easy to keep on top of it and at the end of that cycle we get back to easy
maintenance. Jack is happy, comfortable, the skin is not itchy or unduly fragile, things are
great. We have been trying to raise some interest with the ISG in the UK and amongst the
medical community to perhaps research and confirm that this maintenance model works.
Incredibly, there seems to be no interest.
So I would recommend to anybody in a similar position, try this out and lobby for interest.
There's so much potential there to help so many."

D Smith

"It's been 2 and a half weeks since we received our Nannobubble Machine from

My daughter Alexis Butterfly Princess has RDEB. We are so pleased with the results and how quickly we have seen them.
Alexis even started to get a runny nose a few days ago and we though for sure she was going to be sick for a while however the runny nose only stuck around for 2 days."

Alarna Gordon

"My son has NS, and since using the Nanobubbler, he has not have skin infection like in the past. The machine does a great job at getting rid of the excess dry skin. The customer service is amazing, Heather and Paul are always available to answer questions and help with anything we need. The Nanobubble has been a great investment and we recommend it to anyone that has any kind of skin issues."

Diana Enie

"My beautiful granddaughter has Harlequin ICHTHEOSIS and this portable NANOBUBBLER has changed her life for the good,shedding the excess skin making her skin baby soft and helps to ease the itching. Thank you Whitewater."

Jeannie Stark

"It was a life change for my son. The sheading process is easyer, no more itch, reduce the redness and it Kills the bacteria on his skin (most important for us)."

Daniela Daiman

"When Heather and Paul contacted us to tell us about nanotechnology and the way they were implementing it just said it has to be magic!!! Now that we have the technology has given us a better quality of life.... thank you white water co."

Israel López

"Excellent portable nanobubbler system provided by Whitewater co. Big difference I have seen between my microbubbler and nanobubble portable systems are that the size of the skin that does come out is much smaller and finer. We also believe that scrubbing of the excess dead skin become easier with the nano bubble technology. Their customer service is A+ Thanks for the wonderful product !!"

Bunty Singh

"I honestly wish i could share my nano bubbler with all ofyou. The machine is amazing my opinion when i have my son i try for a minimum of a hour. Its extremely helpful with the build up. The glycerin has a tendencyto get soaked thur his clothes, ive also used heather home made bees wax remedy.
My son gets a lot of build up around his neck, arm pits. I have him use baby wash cloths i found out regularly one were to abrasive for him. I let him do it when I have him to help increase his tolerance to it slow progress and his stubbornness doesn't help. 😆"

Jared Edwards

"We have a son who is 2.5 with lamellar ichthyosis and have been using the nano bubble hydrotherapy for two years now so this review is long overdue lol.

But I had to share as we recently went away and within a few days his arm was dry and cracking reminding us just how much we could not live without this machine. It’s the number one therapy we use for hydration, infection, scale/skin removal, itching and overall comfort in his everyday life. It’s amazing, and I just wish every person in the community could have one. (Which is why we also signed up for the HQdonations, as we feel so strongly about it)

We are so thankful, and cannot say enough good things about the entire process of research, ordering, and learning how it functions at home. We have been supported thoroughly.
For our family nothing can replace it, and Nathan will hopefully be blessed enough in life to never have to live without it.

Thank you so so so much on behalf of our entire family. Knowing we can come home or wake up to his bath is something that gives this momma a little more sleep at night."

Taryn Jae Tappen

"I have Lamellar Ichthyosis and this machine , the Portable Nanobubbler when I bought is very good and along with my creams helps me to get better results as the weather passes.💙 I am very happy!"

Μυρτώ Πουλή

"Our son has CIE, and the Nanobubbler has made a huge difference in his skin — much smoother and softer! He really enjoys his baths, and it’s obvious that he feels better afterwards. The White Water Co. has excellent customer service. They want the best for their customers, and are passionate about their product. They are always willing to help and answer questions."

Amy Hultqulst

"My granddaughter got a nanobubble machine and it has done wonders to her skin. I would definitely invest in this again !! Great product n customer service."

Phyllis Guillot Breaux

"Let me say this first, "WE LOVE OUR #NANOBUBBLER!" White Water Co. is all about customer service. They want their customers to be successful with the use of the nanobubbler. They know their product inside and out.I haven't had a problem they couldn't solve immediately. This is a first class company."

Tara Morgan