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Home Of The World's First Portable Nanobubble Hydrotherapy® Device For Ichthyosis

Formed in 2016, The White Water Company has created the first device ever to offer Portable Nanobubble Hydrotherapy® for Ichthyosis , Related Skin Types, Burns and Wound Healing.


"Collectively Nanobubbles, Oxygen and Anions have given rise to a new form of advanced hydrotherapy, Nanobubble Hydrotherapy®, for skin health, metabolism and mental well-being." - White Water Co.



"This is the only anti-aging treatment that I have consistently used nearly everyday. It is not only relaxing and enjoyable but unlike a normal bath it leaves me feeling refreshed and completely energized. My wife always comments that my skin is also so soft and smooth. But more important for me is that any aches, pains or stiffness disappears. It is the ultimate experience of luxury but it also keeps me young in body and spirit. I highly recommend it."

John Gray - Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


Irritation Relief

Bacteria Removal / Odor Reduction


Skin Hydration


Toxin Removal

Improved Skin

Metabolism and Healing

What is Nanobubble Hydrotherapy?

The nanobubble system is a revolutionary system that saturates your bathwater with billions of tiny air bubbles called Micro / Nano Bubbles that will turn your bathwater a milky white. Frequent bathing in Micro/Nano Bubbles will help deep-clean skin pores to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. Micro / Nano Bubbles are tiny bubbles, the size of 0.2 microns; 250 times smaller than skin pores (30-50 microns). These bubbles will dive deep into the skin to remove toxins, dust, and other impurities. Visit our Before & After Photos page to see the remarkable effects of this nanobubble technology.


Nanobubble Hydrotherapy Demonstration

Portable Nanobubbler Hydrotherapy - Oh O

Company Bio

The White Water Company was created in 2016 due to our personal journey with our daughter's Harlequin Ichthyosis. We have worked with many experts and industry leaders in the nanobubble field. In partnership with the world's leading industrial manufacturer and founding member of the Fine Bubble Association, we have created the world's first truly portable Nanobubbler. Designed specifically with the Ichthyosis Community in mind, The White Water Company has helped engineer a portable device to cope with the rigors of the disorder.


"When Heather and Paul contacted us to tell us about nanotechnology and the way they were implementing it just said it has to be magic!!! Now that we have the technology has given us a better quality of life.... thank you white water co."

"White Water Co. is all about customer service. They want their customers to be successful with the use of the nanobubbler. They know their product inside and out.I haven't had a problem they couldn't solve immediately. This is a first class company."

"My beautiful granddaughter has Harlequin ICHTHEOSIS and this portable NANOBUBBLER has changed her life for the good,shedding the excess skin making her skin baby soft and helps to ease the itching. Thank you Whitewater."

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GCCA Global Cleantech C 2015 Best In Cla

2015 GCCA Cleantech Top 10 Best in Class Award  

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We know that you might have many questions on how we may be able to help. This is why we have added a complete list of all of our most frequently asked questions and answers just for you.

What are some of the benefits of Nanobubble Hydrotherapy?

Benefits of Nanobubble Hydrotherapy:


💧 Skin irritation relief
💧 Bacteria removal/odor reduction
💧 Superior skin hydration
💧 Improved Toxin Removal
💧 Gentle Exfoliation/debridement
💧 Improved skin metabolism & healing

What are the dimensions of the Portable Nanobubble Hydrotherapy Device?

The Nanobubbler is 20" x 13" x 8" and the jetbox is approximately 5.24" x 5.25" x 5".

  • Should I add any other additives to my bath when using Nanobubble Hydrotherapy?
    No, Nanobubble Hydrotherapy replaces all soap and bath additives, you do not want to add any other additives or soap while its in use.
  • Can I use lotions or topical medicines on my skin before or after Nanbubble Hydrotherapy?
    Make sure your skin is clear of occlusives, lotions, humectants and any other topical medicines before using the Portable Nanobubbler. Occlusives, lotions and creams will be removed by Nanobubble Hydrotherapy during the bath. Apply your occlusives, humectants and any lotions after the bath, this is recommend to trap in moisture.
  • How often does the Nanoubbbler need to be cleaned?
    The Portable Nanobubbler has a built in, US Patented ,self cleaning Ozone Unit, that is good for 10,000 hours. This will assist in maintaining the sterilization of the unit. Purging the unit is done every 4-6 weeks to maintain the unit like other Spas and Baths on the market, with an affordable Spa cleaning product.
  • Will the Portable Nanobubbler work in a sink or other baths?
    Yes, the Nanobubbler will work in any bath or sink, even a 2 Gallon bucket.
  • Do you need to replace Oxygen Tanks when using the Portable Nanobubbler?
    No, the Nanobubbler requires no external Oxygen tanks, its compresses atmospheric Oxygen into the water.
  • Do I need to add more hot water when bathing in Nanobubbles?
    No, the Nanobubbler will heat the water independently via imploding Nanobubbles that create heat energy. The Nanobubbler will increase the temperature of the water approximately 1 Degree per hour.
Visible proof of the effectiveness of the Nanobubbler

Check out more amazing before and after photos in our full gallery.

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