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The Effects of NanoBubble Hydrotherapy Brochure

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Micro / Nano Bubbles are gas-containing cavities in an aqueous solution. Nano

bubbles are under excess pressure as the surface tension causes a tendency to

minimize their surface area, and hence volume. The gas in Nano bubbles is in

constant flux with the Nano bubbles growing or shrinking by diffusion according

to whether the surrounding solution is over-saturated or under-saturated with

the dissolved gas relative to the raised cavity pressure. As the solubility of gas is

proportional to the gas pressure and this pressure is exerted by the surface

tension in inverse proportion to the diameter of the bubbles, there is increasing

tendency for gasses to dissolve as the bubbles reduce in size. The internal gas

pressure increases greatly at very small bubble diameters and so accelerating the

process. The excellent redox of the bubbles and the large amount of energy generated in

the course of imploding bubbles are employed for the application of disinfection

and sterilization.

What Are Micro / Nano Bubbles?

  • "Micro/Nano Bubble" is a phrase combining "Micro Bubble" with "Nano bubble"

  • Micro Bubble is a fine bubble with 10μm - 100μm diameter

  • Nano Bubble is a ultra fine bubble with less than 0.2μm diameter

Micro / Nano Bubbles have longer retention

In water, 1mm Bubbles rise @ 0.361 fps or 3,610 times faster than the Micro/Nano Bubbles which rise @ 0.0001 fps and remain in water for extended period.

What Are Micro / Nano Bubbles?

Micro / Nano Bubbles have a larger surface area

Promotes improved oxygenation efficiency for higher COD (chemical oxygen demand) and BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) reduction.

Micro / Nano Bubbles have a larger surface area

Air Flotation Efficiency

Greater volume of smaller bubbles achieve maximum separation of solids.

Air Flotation Efficiency

Anions and Atopic Dermatitis

The skin may be divided into three tissues, the epidermis, derma and subcutaneous. When and allergic pollutant materials reaches the epidermal cells from the corny layer, macrophage which is one kind of white blood cell (white corpuscles) captures and disintegrates the allergic pollutant materials.

However, if there is too much bacteriophage and cannot be treated, the macrophage hands

over part of argen to T cell ( a type of white corpuscles). The T cell transfers the information to eosinophil, (another white corpuscle) and collects the eosinophil dispersed in the blood to an argen-seeped place. The inflammation is the result in which the eosinophil collected on the affected part discharges the chemical transmitter out of the body. If the inflammation occurs too often, this creates problems, the hard tissues of corny layer lie on the epidermis which is protected by a film like natural cream, which is so-called the skin. The corny layer prevents the moisture on the skin from evaporating and keeps the skin moisturized and also prevents the skin from being invaded by bacteria or germs. Atopic dermatitis is a disease where the corny layer is peeled off. Patients suffering from atopic dermatitis greatly lack the fatty substance known as ceramides necessary for the corny layer.

The anion effect on Atopic Dermatitis contributes to cleaning of active oxygen emitted to the argen when the macrophage collects the argen.

If the macrophage produces too much active oxygen the corny layer is destroyed by the active oxygen to make the skin rough and to destruct the sebaceous gland that synthesizes the ceramides, whereby the secretion of the ceramides is rather prevented. In order to prevent this the best way to remove the active oxygen is by stimulating the corny layer using electrons. Furthermore, the inflammation caused by eosinophil can be avoided by the supply of electrons. The anion is the very substance that supplies the electrons.

What Are Anions?

Independent SGS testing has shown that the White Water Co. Portable Nano /

Micro Bubble Generator can create over 1,236,000 ANIONS PER CC

Anions float around in the air and moisture in the atmosphere.

Anions are absorbed through respiration or through the skin, whereby the anions promotes the metabolism of cells, increases vitality, cleans the blood, helps recover from fatigue, promotes appetite, it's no wonder that the anions are known as the "vitamins in the air". Anions are absorbed into the body through the skin and respiration, anions react with

hemoglobin to transport Oxygen to the blood and to cells of each organ through the

circulation, whereby various nutrients and energy are produced through the metabolism. The

anions promote the health, vitalize the immune system and promote the natural curing of


Asthma and Anions

Asthma suffered by many people these days is considered to have been caused by polluted air and inhaled air containing a large amount of cations, thereby changing the body to acid

constitution, or by overdosed cations, thereby markedly shrinking the vascular or bronchus.

If an anion generator is capable of generating 100,000 anions or more /cc at a distance of 1m, the asthma can be alleviated. Use of anions in sleep helps decrease the hydrogen ion concentration in vascular to decrease the hydrogen ions and to reduce the active oxygen because the anions acts on vitamins C, E, and beta carotene oxidized in the body to become the ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ). The mineral portions in the blood or in the cells receive the electrons to be in the status of having many electrons.

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