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The Benefits of Nanobubble Hydrotherapy - Video

Updated: Jun 21

Collectively Nanobubbles, Oxygen and Anions have given rise to a new form of advanced hydrotherapy , Nanobubble Hydrotherapy (Nan02), for skin health, metabolism and mental well-being.

By combining the benefits of Hydrotherapy with the exceptional cleansing, sterilizing , hydration properties of Nanobubbles and increased levels of dissolved oxygen, non-invasive Nanobubble Hydrotherapy has be found to be beneficial for:

- Skin Irritation Relief

- Bacteria Removal / Odor Reduction

- Superior Skin Hydration

- Improved Toxin Removal

- Gentle Exfoliation / Debridement

- Improved Skin Metabolism and Healing

**Types of conditions found to benefit from Nanobubble Hydrotherapy:

Atopic Dermatitis - Eczema - Psoriasis -

Ichthyosis - PPK - Diabetes - Wound Healing -

Infection Remediation - Inflammation Reduction -

Pain Relief - *Weight Loss - *Body Building

Billions of tiny Nanobubbles, high levels of dissolved oxygen, anions and consistent heat collectively combine to form an additive-free bathing experience that improves skin and relaxes the body. While beneficial to any bather, the properties of Nanobubble bathing can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life for those who struggle with skin disease management. Introducing nanobubbles and dissolved oxygen to normal bathing demands a new view of hydrotherapy and how it can be used to improve health and wellness.

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